Find In Store Product Availability App

Allow your customers to instantly find a product’s availability at any of your stores

Most customers want try an item at a local boutique before buying it, but many online shops do not offer such a feature.

Avoid lost sales by offering a simple solution that allows your customer to see which products are available in-store.

Why use the Product Availability application?

  • Super light-weight and fast – it will not slow down your online store’s page speeds
  • Extremely customisable – make it match your online shop’s theme and demographic easily
  • Super easy – our app is designed to be installed with one-click and has a very simple admin interface
  • Built to last – engineered by educated and leading specialists in integrations
  • Integration ready – get your ERP working with our app quickly

Integrates with the following platforms:

Our app is capable of servicing all eCommerce platforms alongside all major ERP systems.

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