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Integrate Sage 100 with your eCommerce Store

Make eCommerce management easy with our comprehensive, hands-free Sage 100 integration for your online store. We’ll help you escape manual data updates, complex order processing, payment reconciliation and inventory management; all of these tasks can be automated away, giving you time to focus on building your business.

What we Integrate

A Suite of Services for Sage 100

MyIntegrator offers everything you need, and everything you didn’t know you need! We’ve an extensive array of integration features and services available to Sage 100 customers.

Push product data

Our data pipeline will periodically push Sage product data into your online store, so you only ever need to update data in your ERP!

Pull in orders

New orders in your online store can be detected and imported into Sage 100 as sales-orders quickly, securely and automatically.

Print out invoices

Produce payable invoices for your eCommerce customers, and have them automatically sent to them for remote payment, either directly to their eCommerce accounts or as emails.

Packing Slip Processing

Make warehouse management easy by automatically generating and printing packing slips for your orders.

Pop in Quotes

If your online store offers quotes, we can integrate them into Sage 100 as easily as regular orders.

Propagate inventory updates

As soon as new stock is logged in Sage 100 we’ll update your online storefront; as soon as new orders are confirmed we’ll update Sage inventories. 100% automated.

  • Products
  • Inventory
  • Customer Accounts
  • Orders
  • Invoices
  • Stock Updates

How we Integrate

Connecting Sage 100

We’ll keep all your business data in-sync and on-hand by exporting Sage data and mirroring back eCommerce data: products, customers inventory and more can be exported from Sage whilst new orders and invoices can flow back from your online store. In this way, you can be confident that Sage 100 remains your up-to-date, authoritative source for business data.

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