BigCommerce Bulky Freight Shipping

Boost your B2B business with Bulky Shipping, an app that allows you to attach custom shipping fees to items considered ‘bulky’, or any products with certain SKUs or specific custom field values.


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Bulky Freight Benefits
  • Charge Extra for bulky freight
  • Customised per-item shipping fees
  • CSV bulk upload option
  • Adjustable settings for customisation


Customized Shipping Rates For Bulky Items

Create a customised shipping rate that triggers when a customer has a bulky item inside their cart, to charge them extra for shipping large products.


Charge Unique Fees for Certain Products

Set up custom shipping rates that add extra fees when products with certain SKUs or custom attributes are detected in your cart.


Adjustable Settings For Customisation

Many adjustable settings are available for customisation; change which field detects bulky items, set different values for your shipping rates and easily add, edit or delete price ranges that return different shipping rates.


Bulk Upload by CSV

Easily control your list of bulk items by uploading a CSV file filled with product SKUs and another column that identifies whether an item is considered as a bulk item or not. With this, you can easily set your registered bulky items in our app with one button.


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