Customer Freight Rates/Free Freight Totals

Provide a highly personalised shipping solution through this BigCommerce app. Tailor shipping methods to each customer, giving them a unique experience with customised freight rates and free shipping thresholds. With this powerful B2B tool, you can create a shipping experience that perfectly aligns with each customer’s needs.

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Elevate the Customer Experience
  • Personal Shipping Rates
  • Free Shipping Thresholds
  • Custom Freight Rates


Specialised Shipping Solutions

Create unique shipping methods for each customer, providing a personalised shipping experience.

Free Shipping Incentives

Encourage higher order values, reward loyal customers, and boost conversions by offering the enticing benefit of free shipping.

Conditional Shipping

Set specific order values or conditions to establish free shipping thresholds.

Customer Freight Rates/Free Freight Totals support

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