Connect MachShip & BigCommerce

Display real-time quotes directly from MachShip as shipping options during checkout, ensuring accurate pricing for your customers. Streamline your operations by automatically integrating your BigCommerce orders into MachShip as drafts, quotes, or consignments, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

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Complete Control
  • Quotes direct from MachShip
  • Seamless with BigCommerce
  • Automate MachShip tasks
  • Enhanced Efficiency


Shipping Integration

Display real-time shipping quotes directly from your MachShip account on the checkout page of your BigCommerce store.

Send Orders to MachShip

Set BigCommerce to send customer orders to MachShip as quotes or consignments, in bulk and/or automatically.

Customisability and Configuration

Control the app’s functionality through BigCommerce – Manage your MachShip carriers, set up custom quote rules, extra fees, and more

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