BigCommerce Purchase Orders

Boost your B2B BigCommerce with our ‘Purchase Order’ payments! This app adds a new payment method to your store checkout which allows customers to ‘pay’ for their order by entering a purchase order number and/or uploading a purchase order PDF, which will be saved to the final order.

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The Power of Purchase Orders
  • Cater to B2B or Wholesale Customers
  • Improve Order Fulfilment and Customer Communication
  • Flawless Operation within BigCommerce's Optimized One-Page Checkout


Built for BigCommerce

This app is a one-click install that can be completely controlled from within your BigCommerce dashboard, and is intended to work flawlessly with BigCommerce’s Optimized One-Page Checkout.

Customisable Restrictions

Enable the purchase order option for all customers, or limit to specific customer emails and/or customer groups.

PDF Upload Support

Prompt customers to upload PDF documents proving their purchase orders and have them automatically emailed to you or attached to the order.

Full Integration Options

Custom integrations available are available to connect the app directly with your ERP / Accounting System for advanced features, such as debtor credit checking

BigCommerce Purchase Orders support

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