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Introduce new B2B shipping options! Add a new checkout shipping option that allows your customers to choose a freight carrier from a dropdown list and then enter their carrier account number in a text field. These values will be saved to an orders, allowing customers to user their own carrier account as a shipping option.

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Supercharged Shipping
  • Offer B2B Shipping Options
  • Let Customers Ship with their Own Carrier
  • Fully Customisable
  • Limit to Specific Customers and Customer Groups
  • One-Click Install, Compatible with the BigCommerce One-Page Checkout


Ship with Customer Carrier Accounts

Allow Customers to ship with personal freight accounts by prompting them to enter their account details as a shipping option on check-out, and save the information to their order.

Control and Customise

We’ve a wealth of customizations available through the app settings – curate the carrier list or allow customers to enter both the carrier name and number, force account number entry, modify the list of carriers, restrict the option to certain customers, and more.

Compatible with Advanced Shipping Options

This app can override rates set by advanced carrier management apps such as shipperHQ and show the carrier dropdown for any shipping option of your choice.

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