Custom Product Quantity Steps

Override and control the increment or decrement value of BigCommerce product quantity fields, empowering you to sell products by the dozen, bundle packs, or enforce buying in any other set quantity.

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Promote Bundled Buying
  • Custom quantity steps
  • One or many products
  • Streamlined shopping
  • Promote bundled buying
  • Easy Implementation
  • Easy selling management


Custom Quantity Steps

Set a specific step value for quantity changes, ensuring customers adhere to your preferred purchasing increments.

Streamlined User Experience

Improve customer satisfaction by enabling them to effortlessly select quantities that align with your defined steps.

Flexible Configuration

Easily adjust the quantity step value for individual products or apply it across your entire product catalog, based on your unique needs.

Multiple Steps

You can create multiple steps for the same product to have multiple choices of quantity steps on the product details page.

Custom Product Quantity Steps support

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