BigCommerce Company Switcher

Customer/Company Login Switching Functionality Add-On by MyIntegrator

This document outlines all of the information needed for the setup and usage of the BigCommerce Company Switcher Solution.


  1. Install from the BigCommerce App Store
  2. That’s it, our add-on will handle the rest.

General Settings

  • Store Hash
    • This is a technical field, used by us (MyIntegrator) to help identify your store should you need support.
  • Method to Determine Switching Permissions
    • Changes the way the app determines which customers are associated with which companies. The options are ‘Customer Groups’ and ‘Customer Attributes’. Selecting ‘Customer Attributes’ will reveal more settings.
  • Customer Attribute Field To Use for Company Code – only when using ‘Customer Attributes’ method.
    • Changes which Customer Attribute Field is used to determine customer/company association. Any customers with a matching value in this customer attribute field (changed from BigCommerce Control Panel > Customers) will be able to log in as each-other.
  • Create Default Customer Attribute Field – only when using ‘Customer Attributes’ method.
    • Creates a Customer Attribute Field – ‘Associated Company Code’ – and selects it. This is provided for convenience if you store does not have a field which can be used to group together and identify customers and companies.
  • Company Switcher Locations on Storefront
    • Using the switches, select where on your storefront the dropdown to switch customers should appear.
      • Navigation Bar
        • This is the main set of navigation buttons across the top of your store where you may have options such as ‘Shop All’, ‘Contact Us’ and ‘Blog’
      • User Bar
        • This is the the set of buttons relating to the currently logged in user. You may have options here such as ‘Account’, ‘Sign Out’ and ‘Cart’.
      • Footer
        • This is at the bottom of the page where there are headings such as ‘Navigate’ and ‘Categories’. The switcher is added under the ‘Navigate’ heading for this option.


  • Script Version
    • Recommended to stay on latest.​ If your store is having issues with the add-on, you can opt out of updates by switching to the last stable version your store was using.
  • Store API Token Secret
    • Do not share this token, for use by developers to access to your store’s data.


Login Options Not Appearing/Nothing in Dropdown

If the dropdown to switch users is appearing but there are no options in it:

  • Ensure that the current logged in customer shares a Customer Group or Customer Attribute Field Value (based on the method you’re using)

If the problem persists, it is likely due to cache. To improve the performance and speed of the switcher and minimise the effect on your storefront, we cache the switching options available to users for 1 hour. Please wait and try again, your changed Customer Groups/Customer Attribute Field Values should reflect in the switcher soon.


Please send an email to [email protected] or call us on +61 (0) 3 9005 0823.