App Launch: IBuyUPay

Super excited to unveil our latest app for BigCommerce – an all-new pass-on payment solution perfect for both B2C and B2B stores: IBuyUPay!

This gateway makes it incredibly easy for customers to request someone else to pay for their order as part of the standard checkout flow. They simply need to enter an email to forward a one-time payment link to another person, such as a business partner, family member, accounts team, or friend. It’s a fully flexible way to refer payments to a third party!

Installing this app enables you to set-up the pass-on payment option in checkout, with a field for customers to write down the details of a different payer, and from there the app will do the hard work of sourcing payment. The payer will be automatically notified via email, and can review an order’s details before paying with a one-time link. IBuyUPay will then complete the order, whilst also automatically generating and sending invoices and receipts for the customer, store-owner and payer.

With this app, pass-on payment requests can be lodged just as quickly as other payment methods, and approval notifications, as well as follow-up emails, are automated within the app. You can easily track paid and unpaid orders through the approval process, and approved orders are validated and completed immediately. This is a pass-on payment solution unlike any other gateway; a great tool for:

  • Gift Buying
  • Corporate Purchases
  • Agent or Assistant Transactions
  • Family Purchases
  • Buying for the elderly
  • Refer payments without the need for a purchase order
  • Procure-to-Pay (P2P) ordering

The BigCommerce version is at More details, as well as options for WooCommerce and Shopify, are available at

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