App Spotlight: Backorder and Handling Fees

We want to shine a spotlight on our latest eCommerce app for: Backorder & Handling Fees for BigCommerce!

This application is a fast, powerful and easy way to add support for Backorders to your eCommerce store, with a number of powerful automations to make it as smooth as possible for both buyers and sellers! Upon installation, this app instantly adds custom fields to your products to enable you to set restock periods, maximum backorder limits and a custom ‘out of stock’ message for each item. From these products, customers are immediately able to add out-of-stock items to their cart as backorder items and complete checkout – including orders with in-stock products mixed in! The app comes with different shipping options for backorders, so customer can choose how their out-of-stock products are shipping to them, i.e ‘wait until all in-stock’ or ‘ship each item immediately when available’. Finally, a customisable flat handling fee can be enabled to cover any additional costs that come with backordering.

Needless to say, the entire system is fully compatible with both out-of-the box BigCommerce inventory and integrated stock management systems. New backorder details are saved to  BigCommerce order details and email notifications are sent automatically, so the app works very well with custom and integrated BigCommerce setups. And like all of our apps, we can customise it on-demand, for anyone! If you’d like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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