New Integration: Shopify, Pronto and Klaviyo for CameraElectronic

We just built a three-way integration solution for Premier Australia photography seller Camera Electronic; a connection between their Shopify store, Pronto ERP system and the Klaviyo CRM! In joining all these systems we’ve given them a fully-featured and fully-automated online eCommerce platform, and really transformed their digital business.

Shopify is CE’s new backbone for general online selling, as it offers a robust and easy-to-use UI for managing their extensive product range and handling promotions. What’s more, it’s extremely flexible so its powerful inventory management, order processing and payment gateways have been joined with Pronto to make their common data transfer and accounting tasks completely automatic. This is particularly useful for scaling up Camera Electronic’s online eCommerce, as it prevents any headaches that come with bulk-updating stock levels and managing multiple incoming orders. 

On the other side, integrating CameraElectronic’s Klaviyo to Shopify greatly boosts customer outreach and engagement to continue to build up brand and reputation. Klaviyo specialises in email marketing automation and audience segmentation and it can be easily linked with Shopify to receive customer data from on-side forms, incoming orders and pre-existing customers. This means that Camera Electronic customers  integrated from Pronto can flow through into Klaviyo, enabling end-to-end integration from ERP to CRM. With all their customer data in Klaviyo, CameraElectronic can leverage the CRM to create tailored marketing campaigns, encourage repeat purchases, and foster long-term loyalty.

Integrated together, Shopify, Pronto ERP, and Klaviyo CRM synergise to offer Camera Electronic a truly comprehensive way to manage and scale e-commerce operations in a way that saves money and time. If you’d like to see for your self, check them out here:

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