Integrated MachShip Quotes and Consignments for BigCommerce

A shipping integration app by MyIntegrator

This document outlines all of the information needed for the setup and usage of the MachShip Quotes for BigCommerce app.

This application will provide your BigCommerce customers with MachShip quotes as a shipping option on the checkout page. Orders can then be automatically integrated into MachShip as quotes or consignments.


This add-on is a one-click install. If you wish to style or customise the app to your business needs then contact us for a quote.


Once the app is installed, launch it from ‘My Apps’ in the admin view of your BigCommerce Store and then perform the following steps:

  1. Click the Initialise’ button on the ‘General’ settings tab
  2. Input your MachShip API token into the first field on the ‘MachShip’ settings tab
  3. Begin your MyIntegrator subscription by entering payment details into the fields on the ‘Subscription’ settings tab
  4. Verify that your BigCommerce store has a Default Shipping Origin

You are now ready to begin serving real-time MachShip quotes to customers. MachShip quotes will be treated as a Shipping Method by BigCommerce and will appear as a Shipping Option on customer checkout. If you have enabled order integration, customer orders will be uploaded to MachShip when they complete the checkout process.


Expected Operation

General Settings

  • Store Hash
    • This is a technical field, used by us (MyIntegrator) to help identify your store should you need support.
  • Start Initialisation
    • This section contains a button which needs to be at least clicked once in order to create the carrier connection for your store to begin serving quotes to customers.

MachShip Settings

  • API Token
    • Enter your MachShip API Token into this field to connect the app to your MachShip account.
    • Use the ‘Test Connection’ button to verify if this process was successful.
  • Override Shipping Name
    • The value entered in this field will override the shipping option name shown when the quote is displayed to the user. Alternatively, you can leave this blank to display the default name, which will be the title of the quoted carrier service.
  • Default Cubic Conversion
    • This value will be used, along with a product’s weight, to calculate the length, width or height for products missing any of these values.
    • The placeholder will be calculated as the cube root of the product’s weight when divided by the conversion value.
  • Margin Type
    • Use this option to set the type of additional margin, if any, charged to customers.
    • Fixed margins will use your store’s selected currency.
  • Margin Amount
    • Use this option to set the value of the additional margin charged.
  • Carrier Query Preference
    • This setting controls the type of carrier quotes retrieved from MachShip:
      • ‘Best Price’ will display only the MachShip quote with the lowest price.
      • ‘Get All’ will display all MachShip quotes available for the customer’s address (this setting returns multiple quotes).
      • ‘Get Preferred’ returns MachShip quotes associated with the carrier IDs entered in the following field. Both IDs must be entered to return quotes when using this method.
  • Preferred Carrier Account ID
    • Enter the ID of the preferred carrier account to return quotes from when using the ‘Get Preferred’ query type.
  • Preferred Carrier Service ID
    • Enter the ID of the preferred service account to return quotes from when using the ‘Get Preferred’ query type.

Order Integration Settings

  • Create in MachShip for New Orders
    • This option sets how to integrate MachShip quotes to your MachShip account when a customer completes their order.
      • ‘Do Not Create’ disable the order upload completely
      • ‘Create as Quote’ will integrate new orders as quotes in MachShip
      • ‘Create as Consignment’ will create new orders as consignments in MachShip
  • Quote as if items are shipped in seperate cartons
    • Use this option to set whether the shipping quotes generated in MachShip should provide prices as though each item will be shipped in an individual package.
    • Disable this option to provide quotes as if items are shipped together as a single unit.
    • This option will not affect the uploaded order to MachShip.
  • Allocate each item in an order to a seperate carton
    • Enable this option to allocate each item in an order to its own package when the shipping quote/consignment is sent to MachShip.
  • Send all orders to MachShip
    • When this option is disabled, only orders completed with a MachShip shipping option selected will be integrated to MachShip.
    • Conversely, when enabled all orders with any shipping quote will be uploaded to MachShip.

Advanced Settings

  • Disable App Completely
    • Disables the whole app.
  • Script Version
    • Use this field to manually set which version of the application to use; it defaults to the latest version. Changing the script version may have effects on the behaviour of the app.
  • Restrict App To IP Address
    • Enter an IP address into this field to lock access to users with this IP address.
  • Store API Token Secret
    • Private Token used to communicate with the MyIntegrator RESTful API. Useful for the manual testing of API requests.


Enter your payment details here to begin your subscription. This will authorise use of the app and entitle you to live support from MyIntegrator.

To cancel your subscription, clear the information from these fields.

All prices are in U.S. dollars.



If the total quantity is 1 to 250 US$0.00 US$49.00
If the total quantity is 251 to 500 US$0.40 US$0.00
If the total quantity is 501 to 1,500 US$0.10 US$0.00
If the total quantity is 1,501 to 10,000 US$0.08 US$0.00
If the total quantity is 10,001 or more US$0.05 US$0.00
  • Each unit is a request made to upload an order. 
  • At the end of each day, you are able to see how many requests are made.
  • Prices are as of 20 December 2021 and may be subject to change


If you need technical support, have any or questions, or are looking to further customise your store then please send an email to [email protected] or call us on +61 (0) 3 9005 0823.