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It’s almost always more difficult to bring a B2B business online than a B2C one, as almost every business-facing vendor has their own distinct ‘selling style’; complex price rules, different customer types, payment procedures, you name it! In short, choosing the right eCommerce platform can, more often than not, be the most important step when expanding into online selling. Be warned that if the scale, structure and feature-set of a particular platform doesn’t easily map on to your business, it will either need to be modified to fit, or your online and offline B2B processes could diverge significantly. Such a decision may seem scary, but fortunately in the current ecosystem, one e-Commerce platform has prioritised the B2B experience above the others: BigCommerce!

Now, if you’re really wedded to the idea of B2B on another platform then we won’t stop you, and in fact we’ve built some powerful B2B integrations for platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce…but at the moment BigCommerce is hands down the first choice we recommend for B2B. Why? Let’s count some reasons:

  • Scalability and flexibility are BigCommerce’s key selling points, which means the platform will bend to suit your needs, and not the other way around.  
  • As a cloud-based platform, BigCommerce has powerful security measures built in, alongside constant, worry-free uptime. 
  • BigCommerce comes with a dedicated B2B edition, with instant out-of-the box support for numerous wholesale features, like custom payment options, a buying portal or a quick-order pad.
  • A powerful API that allows easy construction of comprehensive and automated B2B integrations for all the flows you can think of – products, customers, inventory, orders and more!

Of course, let’s not forget the suite of MyIntegrator apps built just for BigCommerce – almost all of our BigCommerce integrations come with access to these apps for powerful features like Purchase Order Payments, Multi-Location Inventory and Advanced Tax Rates

For these reasons and more, MyIntegrator is ranking BigCommerce as our B2B platform of choice – and many of our clients agree! However, eCommerce is an ever-changing space, and some business setups could be better suited for other platforms. It never hurts to reach out and ask for advice before committing – we’re always availableso feel free to contact us for advice on comparing eCommerce options!

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