Your Amazon Marketplace, Integrated

Easily integrate an ERP, accounting system or eCommerce store to your Amazon account and unify your selling setup. Share business data instantly, automate manual tasks and unlock advanced business tools.


Everything you need, and then some more

Take a look at some of the features and integration modules we offer for Amazon! MyIntegrator will help optimise operations, improve efficiency, and advance your Amazon selling.

Automatic Inventory

Keep your inventory synced with a stock management platform, ensuring up-to-date stock levels in Amazon and across all sale channels.

Multi-Location made Easy

Enhance Amazon with our multi-warehouse inventory integration, enabling advanced multi-location selling and streamlined inventory management.

Instantly Process Orders

Our automatic import for Amazon orders can generate invoices, shipping consignments, print-labels and more, 100% hands-free!

Efficiency through Automation

Do away with manual uploading and copy/pasting into Amazon. Connect your application and transfer data automatically and in bulk!

Eliminate Errors

Never again deal with stockouts, incorrect pricing, or delayed shipments! We’ll automate and unify manual accounting and data management.

The Power of Multi-Channel

Build an advanced, easy-to-manage multi-channel eCommerce network through integration, where all your data is kept in-sync at all times.



Amazon at work and play

Our integration guarantees data consistency across all platforms, always up-to-date. Designate a single platform as the ‘source of truth’ and have its stock levels, product information, and other data mirrored to Amazon and other storefronts for seamless updates.


Your questions answered

Is this compatible with existing Amazon integrations?

Yes! Our integration can be customised and adapted by our team to exactly suit your marketplace setup and your business needs.

Will this affect my sales performance?

Is there support available once Amazon is integrated?

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