Seamless Solutions for Apparel21

MyIntegrator makes it easy to integrate Apparel21 with your eCommerce store, ERP, CRM, Warehouse Manager…All the platforms you can think of! Our IPaaS can connect the award-winning POS and retail management system to automate menial tasks and elevate efficiency.

Our Features

Advance Apparel21 with our automated solutions

Take a look at how MyIntegrator can automate workflows, minimise manual tasks, eliminate errors, and optimise operations! All of our integrations can be completely customised, so you can pick and choose what you need for your business.

Create and Update Products

Automatically create and update your products in Apparel21 from an ERP and then sync them with your e-commerce platform or marketplace.

Sync Stock Levels and Locations

Connect your inventory manager or ERP to easily sync stock updates across Apparel21 and your other platforms. Full support for multi-location inventory.

Integrate Order Processing

Sync orders from your online store to Apparel21 and process them there, or further streamline your systems by integrating an accounting platform or ERP.

Connect your Customers

Unify customer accounts across Apparel21, your ERP, your website, your CRM and all your other platforms! Make it easy to keep customer data in sync and enhance your analytics.

Easy Invoicing and Accounting

Instantly send real-time payment and invoice data between Apparel21 and your ERP to automate and enhance accounting practices, secure transactions and confirm compliance.

Power Promotions

Integrate Apparel21 with your eCommerce store and CRM to automate and coordinate discounts, cproduct promotions and customer loyalty programs

  • Products
  • Inventory
  • Sales
  • Customers

How it works

How we connect Apparel21

While Apparel21 has some off-the-shelf integration for Shopify, Shippit and other platforms, MyIntegrator allows you to connect any service, in any number! Our cloud-based connector facilitates communication between different system, and comes with an easy-to-use dashboard for you to control and monitor the data flow.


Common questions!

Does this integrate data from my POS sales?

Yes, our Apparel21 integration can connect an sync your store sales data, as well as stock information, product data and more! Contact Us to find out more.



Can this integration enhance Apparel21 Insight?

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