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Automate Attaché Accounting

Looking to grow your business, streamline your systems or just make your life easier? Our advanced Access Attaché integrations are customisable, secure and powerful ways to automate manual tasks, pare down processes and sync business data across your different platforms.


Advance your Attaché Processes

Our Attaché integrations feature a wide range of workflows, features and modules to meet different business needs. You can customise your integration and choose what you want, for what your customers need.

Auto-Update Products

Automatically sync your product data in Attaché directly into your eCommerce store or POS system. Managing your products has never been easier!

Instant Order Processing

Import new sales orders into Attaché as soon as they’re placed by customers, and process invoices, pick-slips and shipping consignments.

Sync Stock Levels

Effortlessly manage product inventories across multiple locations with our hands-off stock sync that automatically searches all warehouses for you.

Connect Customer Accounts

Integrate customer details between Attaché, your eCommerce store or your POS system to keep accounts in sync, including new account creations.

Customer-Based Rules

Offer customer-based pricing, discounts and shipping on your products, as well as invoicing with remote payment capabilities.

Integrate Many Platforms

Integrate several storefronts, between your eCommerce store, digital marketplace and POS to keep all your business operations in sync.

  • Products
  • Customers
  • Inventory
  • Orders
  • Customers


A Constant Connection

Schedule your data sync and update storefront items and stock levels, fulfill sales orders, and integrate customers without even lifting a finger. Thanks to MyIntegrator, managing your business through Attaché has never been easier or more convenient. Let us help you streamline your operations and maximise your productivity today!


Our Attaché FAQ

I don't see my platform listed - Can it be Integrated?

We’re willing and able to connect Access Attaché with any eCommerce or POS platform you can think of! To find out more about our options for your platform, call us at 03 9005 0823 or fill out the form at

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