Supercharged Shipping with Australia Post

Make life easy for yourself and your customers with an Australia Post integration. By automating manual procedures, streamlining your data transfers, and unlocking advanced shipping features, you can make your store shine!


What we'll build for Australia Post

Take a look at some the advanced automations, data integrations and enhancements we offer for Australia Post. We’re focused on eliminating manual tasks, creating new opportunities and streamlining shipping operations!

Live Quoting for Orders

Directly add live-calculated shipping quotes and carrier rates to your eCommerce checkout.

Sync your shipping

Integrate your orders into Australia Post as new shipping quotes or consignments, and then update data in your eCommerce store and/or ERP.

Offer Dynamic Shipping

Offer dynamic carrier rates, including customer or product-based rates, ship-on-account or regional freight options in your eCommerce store.

Automate your Accounting

Sync shipping rates and payments into an ERP or accounting platform, with no manual transfer required.

Easy Order Tracking

Generate, retrieve, save and send order tracking numbers quickly and automatically.

Advanced Shipping made Easy

Easily handle transportation options for bulky goods, multi-location inventories, international selling, B2B shipping and more.

  • Shipping Rates
  • Tracking
  • Rules
  • Orders
  • Quotes
  • Payments


Setting up your Australia Post Integration

Let us know your Australia Post account and the platforms you want to connect, and we’ll set up an integration pipeline between them to start automatically sending data back and forth. You’ll be able to monitor and control it all through our built-in dashboard.

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