The Easy Way to Integrate and Automate Datapel

Make warehouse management simple with our custom connectors for Datapel. MyIntegrator can connect eCommerce stores, POS platforms, ERPs and other systems to automate manual tasks, simplify inventory handling, and significantly save time and effort.


Build for Your Business

Discover a wide array of cutting-edge automations, advanced data integrations, and exciting enhancements hand-crafted to elevate your Datapel WMS to new heights. You can select exactly the workflows and modules you need to support your business and your customers.

Elevate eCommerce

Connect your store to send new orders to Datapel for picking and packing, as soon as they’re placed by customers

Integrate ERPs

Share inventory data, orders, and finances between Datapel and your ERP to keep all your data consistent, everywhere

Shipping Solutions

Automate essential shipping tasks like tracking, labelling and more by connecting Datapel with your shipping carriers

Multi-Channel Inventory

Make it easy to manage inventory across various warehouses and sales channels, ensuring that stock levels are consistent always

Barcode Scanning

Build in barcode scanning systems to enhance accuracy in order picking, packing, and the inventory management processes

Inventory Tracking

Give Datapel a comprehensive view of stock levels across all your systems, allowing advanced inventory management and reduced stockouts

  • Inventory Movements
  • Pick and Pack Data
  • Financials
  • Order Details
  • Product Information
  • Shipping Data


How We Integrate Datapel

With our Datapel integration, you can completely connect the WMS to multiple platforms, including your eCommerce store, ERP, and shipping provider. Then, you can choose and build out workflows to send data back and forth between these different systems. Tailor the workflows that align best with your business needs, streamlining operations, eliminating redundancies, and saving valuable time and resources.

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