Accounting & ERP

Easily Integrate your Epicor ERP

MyIntegrator can automate all your data transfers, boost your business processes, and streamline complex operations by integrating your Epicor ERP with your other platforms, such as eCommerce, WMS, CRM and more. Compatible with all core Epicor ERP products, including Kinetic, CMS and iScala.


Endless options for customisation

All our integrations are fully modular, so you can select exactly and only the Epicor workflows and automations you need to support your business and drive future growth.

Integrate Inventory

Sync stock levels from your ERP to other platforms, such as an eCommerce store or marketplace.

Push Product Data

Automatically create and update products on other platforms from data in your Epicor ERP.

Pull in Orders

Seamlessly fetch sales order data for Epicor from an eCommerce store, marketplace, POS or other system.

Connect warehouses

Integrate your warehouse data to provide multi-location support for all your software systems.

Automate Accounting

Integrate financial data and automate invoices, tax calculation, reconciliation and other accounting tasks.

Supply chain synchronisation

Facilitate real-time visibility and communication by connecting your Epicor ERP to WMS, OMS, Freight platforms, and more.



All you need and a little more

We’ll create a seamless flow of business data between your Epicor product and your other software platforms, with the ERP as the primary data source.  Information can be mirrored from Epicor to those platforms, whilst data updates can be pulled into Epicor in real-time, and automated notifications sent out to whoever needs them.

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