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Flexible integrations for a flexible ERP

MyIntegrator can connect esuite with all of your vital business platforms! Automatically exchange business data with eCommerce, POS, CRM and/or freight platforms to elevate your efficiency and improve your operations.


Integrate your way

All of our esuite connectors can be customised to suit your business; we’ll integrate what you need, wherever you need it! Take a look at some of modules below to get a taste of what we can build.

Automate orders

Automatically integrate all new sales from an eCommerce store or a POS system directly into esuite, including support for complex payments, vouchers, customer credit and more!

Push product data

Easily connect and sync your product catalogue between esuite and your eCommerce store or marketplace to keep data like prices, variants, descriptions and more completely consistent.

Integrate inventory

Synchronise your stock levels as new orders are placed and new product comes in with an automated inventory update between esuite and your selling platforms.

Connect customers

Integrate customer accounts, so that profile are transferred into esuite from your website, and new website accounts are created for the existing customers in the ERP.

Enhanced invoices

Fully automate and integrate your invoices with your website, so that payments can be automatically reconciled and customers can manage their invoices online.

Synchronise shipping

Connect your shipping platform to easily and automatically retrieve shipping quotes, create consignments and request tracking information for esuite orders.


How it Works

Easy-as esuite integration

MyIntegrator leverages esuite’s powerful API to build a personalised integration for your business in order to integrate your data, in your way. You’ll have full control to monitor and schedule the integration, as well as gather metrics and insights from the data flow, through an easy-to-use dashboard.


A follow-up FAQ!

Does this integration require a specific esuite module?

Our integration is done with our own in-house software and tools, so you don’t need to purchase any additional software. If you have questions about the specifics of your personal esuite system, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Is this esuite connector a good fit for large or complex businesses?

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