With Integration, Your Business Will Excel

Unlock the full potential of your Excel data with MyIntegrator! Seamlessly connect Microsoft Excel 365 with a diverse range of business platforms – your eCommerce store, ERP, CRM, PIM – and harness it as a powerful BI tool.

Integration Excellence

Our Comprehensive Integration Solutions for Excel

We can automate all of your tasks and enhance your analysis with hands-free data pipelines between Excel and your essential tools, which work to bring all the data you need to exactly where you need it.

Sync Sales

Aggregate sales data, including invoices and purchase orders, into Excel from your POS, eCommerce and/or marketplace platform automatically.

Push Product Data

Sync product data between Excel and all your platforms at once, so that changes are instantly synced to your eCommerce store, POS, marketplace and more.

Revolutionise Reporting

MyIntegrator can give Excel access to live data from your ERP or accounting systems, and set up powerful automations to revolutionise your workflow.

Automated Task Management

Automate repetitive data transfer and transformation tasks between Excel and your other platforms.

Supercharge Scalability

Never be overwhelmed with data again! Our integration capabilities will grow with your business, and our automations can handle large volumes.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

We can easily integrate and coordinate Excel with a variety of other platforms and systems, creating a unified digital environment for your business.

  • Sales
  • Customers
  • Inventory
  • Orders
  • Products
  • Reports
  • Leads
  • Invoices

How it Works

Keep In Control

We can build out real-time data transfers and automated data processing to pull data into Excel, as well as to radiate it out ot other platforms. You can monitor and the control the entire operation behind a secure and easy-to-use dashboard, with on-call support from the MyIntegrator team.


Question Time!

Can I automate tasks and workflows with MyIntegrator?

Yes! MyIntegrator allows you to set up powerful automations within Excel, including automating data retrievals, updating information in real-time, and defining rules for bidirectional data flows between Excel and your other systems.

Can I use my existing Excel templates and formulas?

Will my data be secure?

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