Connect Klaviyo to Anything and Everything

Make marketing easy and unlock Klaviyo’s advanced automations by connecting your eCommerce store, POS service, ERP or other platforms to seamlessly share customer data to build advanced email triggers and perfect your marketing campaigns.

What we integrate

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Beyond plugins and one-off modules, we’ll construct a custom Klaviyo integration tailored for you and your business needs. Whether you need Klaviyo configured for an eCommerce store or a purpose-built connector for your ERP, we’ve a range of powerful features to choose from.

Customer Profiles, Customised

Sync in varied customer data from across your different business platforms, then structure and send it to Klaviyo as new profiles

Next Level Marketing

Take advantage of advanced marketing features by automatically sending Klaviyo all the data it needs, where it’s needed

Optimise Your Way

MyIntegrator makes it easy to manage and structure Klaviyo data in best-practice forms for your business and customers

Automate Emails

Set up advanced email triggers in Klaviyo, based on events and measurements taken from your other business platforms

Event Tracking

Tracks events for Klaviyo’s advanced analytics not only on your website, but also on your your POS, marketplace and more

Customise Klaviyo

Create advanced flows and automations for data from your other platforms, and leverage Klaviyo’s automated marketing features

  • Profiles
  • Lists
  • Segments
  • Events
  • Triggers
  • Flows

How it works

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Whether you need a one-off or connection or a complete unification of all your platforms with Klaviyo, MyIntegrator has you covered. We’ll produce a completely custom integration, with an admin panel that allows you to stop, stop, schedule and structure the customer data sync on your own terms.


Time for Questions

How does this compare to native Klaviyo integrations?

Our custom Klaviyo integrations can connect even more platforms, and give you more control over the structure of the data being integrated. Contact us to learn more about what you can do with MyIntegrator.

As well as integration, can MyIntegrator help configure and set up Klaviyo?

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