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We can automate all your accounting processes, connect your physical and virtual storefronts, keep all your data in sync, and really just make your life easier! MyIntegrator offers comprehensive integration services and support for LightSpeed POS systems with ERPs, eCommerce platforms, Freight services and more.


Our Wide Range of Features for LightSpeed

Explore our range of advanced automations, data integrations, and enhancements designed to take your LightSpeed POS to the next level. Our focus is on eliminating manual tasks, unlocking new opportunities, and streamlining your POS operations.

Orders Automatically Integrated

Effortlessly import your POS orders into your ERP, accounting software, eCommerce store or other platforms; streamline your order management processes and save time and effort.

Integrated Inventory Levels

With a seamless inventory synchronisation system in place, you can ensure that all your platforms have accurate and consistent inventory information.

Connect your Customer Accounts

Keep your customer information synced seamlessly between LightSpeed, your eCommerce store profiles, and registered accounts in your ERP.

Connect your Catalog

Keep your product information consistent across all your platforms to streamline operations and reduces errors.

Coordinate your Sales

Seamlessly manage discounts and optimise sales across all your business platforms! Integration can ensure a consistent pricing strategy across your POS, eCommerce store, ERP, and other platforms.

Shipping Services Synced

Effortlessly integrate your LightSpeed orders into your freight provider’s system as new shipping quotes or consignments.

  • Orders
  • Stock Updates
  • Shipping
  • Inventory
  • Prices
  • Customers

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Our LightSpeed Integration

Our LightSpeed integration allows you to link your POS system with various platforms, such as eCommerce stores, ERP systems, and shipping providers, ensuring consistent and up-to-date data across all your business services. You can choose the workflows that matter most to your business in order to streamline your operations and reduce redundancies whilst saving time and resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I choose which workflows I want to enable for integration?

Yes, you can control both the type and the number of workflows you want synced with LightSpeed. For instance you could exclusively sync inventory, or you could sync orders, products and customers. Additionally, workflows can be paused, added or removed when the integration is live.

How often does the integration synchronise data between Lightspeed and other platforms?

Is the integration process complex or difficult to set up?

Will I need any special equipment or software to use your LightSpeed integration?

What happens if there is a problem with the integration, such as errors or data inconsistencies?

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