Make Machship Easy

Automate away manual MachShip processes and data entry tasks, and maximise your efficiency through integration! We can connect MachShip to an ecommerce store, ERP, POS or accounting system and help you take full advantage of its already powerful freight automations to supercharge your shipping operations. Whether you’re a small business looking to grow or a large enterprise in need of advanced logistics solutions, our integration services can help you optimise operations and achieve your goals.


Optimise your Operations

We’ll target time-consuming manual tasks and unlock new opportunities for your business with a range of integration modules, automations, and features. Streamline shipping operations and power up efficiency with ease. Get started today and experience the benefits of automation!

Easy Rule-Based Shipping

Set up complex rule-based shipping, including customer-based and multi-location shipping, fully integrated with MachShip

Send in Orders

Automatically send new orders to MachShip as quotes or consignments as soon as they’re placed and pull back tracking numbers and URLs.

Connect Customer Accounts

Connect your customer accounts with their freight profiles through MachShip to offer specialised shipping rates.

Offer Advanced Features

Effortlessly manage bulky item transport, multi-location inventories, international sales, B2B shipping, and beyond.

Handle Dangerous Goods

Add custom support for dangerous goods shipping to your store

Instant Shipping Action

Instantly retrieve live shipping rates for new customer carts or checkouts.

Scale up your Shipping

Make space to innovate and grow your business by automating complex freight processing and time-consuming manual work.



Connecting MachShip to your Commerce

It’s easy to optimise your shipping operations. Simply provide us with your MachShip account and preferred platforms, and our integration pipeline and user-friendly dashboard will take care of the rest. Easily track and manage your shipments with MyIntegrator.


Our MachShip Integration FAQ

Can I customise my integration?

Our MachShip integration can be scaled and customised to your liking! Whether you want comprehensive connected freight or just live shipping rates, we’ll modify our workflows to serve your business and your needs.

Will this work with my existing shipping setup?

How long does it take to integrate?

Simply fill out our form to

Kick start your integration