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Integrate Odoo and Automate Your Workflows

With MyIntegrator, you can connect Odoo with all the business platforms you use! We offer fully-featured integrations with eCommerce, POS, freights services and more to elevate and automate your processes.


Feature-Rich Possiblities

Pick and choose the data integrations and advanced modules you need for your Odoo ERP. MyIntegrator puts you in the driver’s seat, so that the integration is built to put your business and your customers first.

Push Product Catalogs

Integrate your Odoo product catalog into your online selling platform, with automatic data updates

Sync Across Orders

Sync in sales from your marketplace, eCommerce store or POS into Odoo, as soon as they’re placed by customers.

Integrate Your Inventories

Sync stock levels for your products from Odoo, with live updates and multi-location inventory support

Connect Customer Accounts

Synchronise your customers, so that accounts are imported into Odoo from your website, and new site profiles are created for existing Odoo customers.

Unlock Integrated Invoicing

With MyIntegrator, tedious payment processing and invoicing procedures for orders can be fully automated and synced into Odoo!

Sync Shipping Operations

Connect your shipping platform to automatically get shipping quotes, create freight consignments and request tracking information for Odoo orders.


How it Works

Odoo, Adapted to You

We take full advantage of Odoo’s open-source capabilities to create tailored integrations to meet exactly your business needs. Beyond apps and modules, our platform and custom apps make the most of Odoo’s API and webhooks to produce a completely custom integration. You’ll have full control and visibility over the integration through a user-friendly dashboard, empowering you to monitor and manage effortlessly.


All your Odoo Questions

Does this integration involve custom code modifications for my Odoo system?

Generally, we don’t make modifications to client’s existing Odoo systems, but instead prefer add new modules or leverage existing API capabilities. However, if requested, then we can make minor code modifications to facilitate custom functionality.

I've heavily customised my Odoo system already. Can it still be integrated?

Do you provide documentation for the custom integration?

Simply fill out our form to

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