Automate and Integrate Ordermentum

MyIntegrator can shave dozens of hours off your order management process by directly integrating your Ordermentum with an eCommerce store, ERP or shipping platform. You’ll be able to sync order data, handle payments, reduce errors, and save valuable time with our easy-to-use and fully automated platform.

What we Integrate

We We Build for Ordermentum

Take a look at some of the integration workflows and modules we offer for Ordermentum! All of our connectors can be customised to provide everything you need, whether you’re looking to streamline your order synchronisation, automate your invoice generation, improve your payment reconciliation, or more, we’ve got you covered.

Automate Orders

Synchronise your Ordermentum orders automatically with other systems or software, such as ERPs, accounting platforms or inventory management systems.

Integrate Inventory

Connect Ordermentum and your stocktake system, to set-up real-time updates on stock levels and integrated inventory management.

Connect Customers

With MyIntegrator, you can sync customer account data across all your platforms, and compile the data to provide a more personalised and responsive service.

Generate Invoices

We can automatically generate invoices for your Ordermentum orders, saving time and making payment management easy.

Powerful pricing

Our Ordermentum integration can automatically apply pricing rules and discounts based on customer profiles, order history, or other criteria.

Sync Shipping

We’ll connect your shipping or delivery management system to automate tracking shipping labels, and provide access to real-time updates on the status of deliveries.

  • Orders
  • Stock Levels
  • Inventory
  • Invoices

How it Works

Our Ordermentum Integration

MyIntegrator will connect your Ordermentum system to your other platforms based off of the key workflows you choose, and provide you with an administrate dashboard so you can stop, start and schedule your integration, putting the controls in your hands. The data transfers can be scheduled to run automatically or triggered by-hand, and you can review the what and where of the integration’s data processes with our state-of the art logging system. In addition, our experienced team of integration specialists will work closely with you to ensure that your integration is tailored to your specific business needs, delivering the best possible results for your organisation. Get in touch today, and we can provide you with detailed offers for your business.


Your Questions, Answered

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We’re happy to integrate obscure or custom platforms. Get in touch with us, and we’ll talk through options for your system.

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