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Integrate and Automate Ostendo Operations

MyIntegrator can streamline and automate all your Ostendo data transfers! Connect it different platforms, like an eCommerce store, POS system, Freight service or PIM, and minimise your manual procedures.


Customise to your liking

Select the integrations, data workflows and automation modules you need, and we can build a customised connection, tailored for your Ostendo system and your business needs. Take a look below at some of the features we offer.

Connect your Catalog

Integrate Ostendo with your eCommerce store or PIM and automatically share and sync product data between platforms.

Sync Stock Levels

Sync stock levels for your products from Ostendo, with live updates and support for multiple warehouses and locations.

Integrate All Orders

Sync sales data from your various sales channels, including marketplaces, eCommerce stores, and POS systems, straight to Ostendo.

Multi-Channel Integration

Consolidate business data from multiple sources and storefronts into Ostendo to simplify data management into one unified platform.

Connect your Customers

Sync customer contact information, purchase history, and preferences between Ostendo, your storefront and/or your CRM.

POS Power

Integrate Ostendo with your POS system and speed up sales reporting and unlock instant order processing between your physical store and ERP.

  • Products
  • Inventory
  • Customers
  • Sales
  • Customers
  • Shipping

How it works

Stay ahead of the game

Myintegrator makes it easy to take full advantage of Ostendo’s integration capabilities, and puts you in the driver’s seat with limitless customisation options, as well as a built-in dashboard for your to administer and control the data sync. Simply choose your platforms, and we’ll connect them and then put the controls in your hands.


Common questions on Ostendo

How is this integration different from Ostendo Accounting Link?

Our integration allows you to connect Ostendo with a wider array of platforms and connect to more platforms at once, with a hassle-free setup. If you’re looking to supplement or upgrade your Ostendo Accounting Link, contact us.

Can you also connect Ostendo to other platforms, such as a manufacturing system or a project management system?

Simply fill out our form to

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