Connect your Pepperi CRM to Other Platforms

MyIntegrator empowers you to easily integrate link all your business platforms with Pepperi. Eliminate the need for manual data entry and leverage a range of sophisticated features to advance your customer engagement and take full advantage of the award-winning mobile CRM solution.

What We Integrate

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We’ve a complete suite of features, modules, and workflows designed to streamline your Pepperi business operations and enhance customer engagement through integration.

Connect Customers

Sync customer data from all your platforms into Pepperi – eCommerce, POS, ERP, etc – and consolidate all your customer data in one place for easy management.

Access Order Data

Sync order information like status, total amount, items purchased, shipping details, and payment method from your POS or online storefront into Pepperi in real-time.

Marketing Campaigns
Sync your marketing campaigns from Pepperi into your other platforms. Easily track campaign-wide performance and customer engagement throughout your business ecosystem.

  • Customers
  • Sales
  • Inventory
  • Products

How It Works

The nitty-gritty

MyIntegrator simplifies the process of integrating your business platforms with Pepperi. Just fill out our get started form, select the platforms and data workflows you need, and we’ll be in touch to handle the rest. There’s no need to worry about the technical setup or coding – we’ll provide you a dedicated dashboard for your integration. From this dashboard, you can control, monitor, and schedule your automated data flows with just a few clicks.


Question time!

Is this integration suited for B2B businesses?

Our integrations are compatible with B2C, B2B and hybrid sellers! Moreover, we offer full support for channel expansions and can even integrate work-in-progress systems.

Is this solution a plugin?

Is it compatible with my existing integrations?

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