Power Up Podium with Integration

Take full advantage of Podium’s communications capabilities with our comprehensive integrations for eCommerce, accounting and business management platforms! MyIntegrator makes it easy to elevate your outreach and enhance customer engagement.


All your data, everywhere, integrated & automated

Our integration is infinitely customisable, so not only can we share data, but also add unique workflows and triggers to boost your business and enhance the potential of Podium!

Consolidate Customers

Synchronise your customer accounts as Podium contacts from all your business platforms – eCommerce store, marketplace, ERP and more!

Request Reviews

Create custom triggers for sending review requests to customers through Podium, such as order completion or delivery in your ERP

Chase Leads

Instantly and automatically share leads from Podium with your other business services, streamlining the follow-up process

Power-up Payments

Enhance Podium’s powerful text-to-pay with an accounting and invoice integration for your ERP or POS system

Manage Marketing

Integrate Podium with your eCommerce store, BI tools and other CRMs to unlock enhanced customer insights

Consolidate Communication

Unify all your customer interactions by integrating your eCommerce store or marketing platform with Podium


How it works

The easy way to integrate

MyIntegrator makes it easy! Fill out our get started form to select platforms and data workflow for Podium. We’ll handle the technical setup, and you get a dedicated dashboard to control, monitor, and schedule automated data flows with ease.


Key Questions

Can MyIntegrator help configure Podium itself?

Yes, as a part of the integration process, we can modify your Podium config, such as setting up an automated text message, in order to achieve your desired result.

Does MyIntegrator help migrate existing data into Podium?

Simply fill out our form to

Kick start your integration