eCommerce Integrations for Power BI

Power-up your business processes by seamlessly providing data to Power BI across all your platforms. MyIntegrator can connect all your business systems and instantly share information to help you achieve new levels of insight for your business.


Unleash the potential of Power BI

Our integration can help you make the most of Power BI’s advanced reporting and visualisation capabilities, by automatically sharing data between all of your business platforms into the BI tool. You’ll never need to manually export data again – MyIntegrator will take care of it for you!

Rapid Reporting

Enable dynamic reporting and visualisation by granting access to real-time data from your eCommerce store or ERP in Power BI

Multi-Stream Data

MyIntegrator can connect all of your platforms to Power BI at once – your POS, eCommerce store, ERP, CRM and more!

Complex Operations

We make it easy to efficiently transfer large and complex data-sets or metadata from your ERP or accounting platform into power BI

  • Transactions
  • Customers
  • Inventory
  • Reports
  • Visualisations
  • Analysis

How It Works

MyIntegrator makes it easy

MyIntegrator will build data pipelines between Power BI and your business systems to expose information and send data back-and-forth – what’re more, you can schedule and control the entire process with a personalised dashboard.


Frequent Questions

Can I integrate data from multiple sources into a single view in Power BI?

Yes, our Power BI integration supports the integration of data from multiple sources into a unified view, in order to enable complete and comprehensive analyses.

Can MyIntegrator integrate historical data?

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