Power up PrestaShop with Integration

Integrate your PrestaShop store with an Accounting System and start saving time and money, and clear some space to grow your business! We’ve got a suite of integration and automation options, which can be customised and tailored to suit your store, your business and your customers.


Unleash the potential of PrestaShop

We can automate and integrate all of your core business processes and data flows Forget spreadsheets and by-hand updating; use the MyIntegrator dashboard to monitor and control automatic data syncs between your accounting system and your PrestaShop, and let your work be done for you.

Sync your Stocktake

The inventory workflows will automatically sync stock data between your ERP/Inventory Manager and PrestaShop, including multi-location inventories!

Automate Product Updates

Our product workflow can create and update products in Prestashop with data drawn from your backend systems, so you can manage all your products from one place.

Integrate new Orders

This workflow will pull new orders from PrestaShop into your accounting system and processes them quickly and automatically. We make it simple.

Connect Customer Accounts

Use our customer workflow to mirror and sync customer profiles across all your platforms – PrestaShop, ERP, marketplace and more.

Invoices made Easy

We can automate invoice generation and reconciliation from new orders in your PrestaShop store and take the hassle out of accounting.

Synchronise Shipping

Connect your Prestashop store with your freight providers and let them handle the quotes and consignments for you.

  • Products
  • Inventory
  • Customers
  • Stock Updates
  • Orders


How we Connect PrestaShop

Our custom connections can completely integrate your PrestaShop store with any Accounting Platform; simply select the workflows you want, and we’ll build out the connection and put the controls in your hands through a personal dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some extra details

What versions of PrestaShop do you integrate?

We can easily integrate current release versions of PrestaShop. If you have a different setup that you need connected, please contact us and we’ll see what we an do.

Does support come with this integration?

Simply fill out our form to

Kick start your integration