Integrate and Accelerate Retail Express

Make your POS system more powerful through advanced automation and data synchronisation; made easy with MyIntegrator! Our universal connector can adapt and integrate your business platforms with Retail Express, to make managing your business operations faster, easier and more efficient.

What We Integrate

Power-up your POS with our Advanced Features

Enhance efficiency, optimise operations, improve customer service, and consolidate data-driven decision-making with our advanced automations and integration modules for Retail Express users

Integrate Products

Sync your complete product catalog into Retail Express, including details, pricing, barcodes and more, and eliminate the need for manual data transfers

Connect Customers

Combine your POS and your CRM and gather data on purchases, order history, selling trends and more to improve customer targeting, retention and loyalty

Operate Omni-Channel

Integrate and unify all of your physical and online selling by automating data consistency checking and unifying the order processing process

Sync Shipping

Send sales from Retail Express to your freight provider system as new shipping quotes or consignments, and retrieve tracking information

Dynamic Discounting

With MyIntegrator, discount offers, promotions and rewards can be synced from your ERP to your Retail Express system

Integrated Invoices

Generate and send invoicing data from Retail Express to your Accounting Platform to streamline your order management

  • Products
  • Inventory
  • Pricing
  • Orders
  • Stock Updates
  • Customer Data

How We Integrate

Integration En Exprès

Choose your platforms and your workflows, and we’ll handle the rest! MyIntegrator will build a custom dashboard for you to automate data exchanges between Retail Express POS and your business platforms; streamlining your operations and ensuring real-time consistency across systems.


Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is the data during the integration?

We make use of robust security measures to guarantee the security of your business data during the integration process, including advanced encryption and secure authentication protocols.

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