The easy way to integrate SuiteCRM

If you’re looking to power-up your productivity, integrating SuiteCRM with your business software is a great way to automate menial tasks, eliminate errors and and gain access to a suite of advanced features that let you better connect with customers.

What we Integrate

A suite of integration services

Our SuiteCRM system can accomodate a range of custom workflows and features, so you can tailor the integration exactly how you want it! MyIntegrator can elevate your CRM to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness.

Connect Customers

Consolidate customer data from multiple integrated systems into SuiteCRM.

Enhanced Analytics

Pull in data from across your platforms to track key indicators, and make data-driven decisions

Automate Tasks

Streamline repetitive tasks by automating your suiteCRM processes and data entry tasks.

Supercharge Scalability

Easily integrate additional systems, modules, or plugins as your business grows and evolves.

Sync CRM Data

Sync your contacts, companies, deals, profiles and more across all your platforms.

Enhance Marketing

Track interactions across platforms, send personalised emails and find lost sales.


How it Works

A simple solution

MyIntegrator’s platform enables a seamless data connection between platform that automates processes with no additional overhead or fluff. Enjoy an intuitive admin panel to control, schedule, and customise the integration between SuiteCRM and the platforms you need.


See some SuiteCRM questions

Will the integration disrupt my existing SuiteCRM automations or data flows?

No our integration is designed to be as seamless as possible, and can enhance existing automations.

Can I integrate multiple systems simultaneously?

Simply fill out our form to

Kick start your integration