We can Integrate your NETO store

Grow your NETO (Maropost Commerce Cloud) business whilst reducing your workload! MyIntegrator offers a variety of Freight, Accounting and ERP Integrations for NETO eCommerce stores, so that you can automate all of your menial procedures and data transfers. Our cloud-based integration is fast to set-up, easy to manage and completely secure.

What we Integrate

Grow your Business, Reduce your workload

You can build the perfect Neto store with MyIntegrator! We’ve a complete range of business automations and services for you to customise the shopping experience exactly to suit both your customers and your product range, whilst also improving your processes and making work faster, more secure and much easier!

Bulk Update Products

Automatically mirror product data from your accounting system into NETO, including categories, attached documents, customer-based pricing and more.

Instantly Sync Orders

Eliminate manual procedure by sending fresh orders from your Neto store to your accounting platform, automatically and as soon as they’re placed by customers.

One Location for All Your Customers

A two-way pipeline routinely creates Neto customer accounts from existing profiles in your ERP, as well as producing profiles in your ERP from new sign-ups on your store.

Consistent Inventory Updates

MyIntegrator will create a data pipeline to automatically sync stock updates between your ERP and Neto store, including multi-location and wholesale inventories!

Arrange Price Policies

Import group pricing rules in your NETO store and automate wholesale pricing, customer pricing, quantity-based pricing and more

Pull in Multiple Warehouses

Easily manage multi-location inventories for your products with a hands-off stock sync that looks up all warehouses automatically.

  • Products
  • Inventory
  • Customers
  • Pricing
  • Orders
  • Payments
  • New Customers
  • Stock Updates

Everything you Need

How we simplify your process

We can automatically transfer many different types of data between Neto and accounting/shipping software platforms. Do away with spreadsheets or by-hand updating and use the MyIntegrator dashboard to monitor and control our automatic workflows.

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