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Fully Integrate All Your Sage 200 Data

You can take full advantage of your Sage 200 ERP by integrating it with your online business systems! MyIntegrator offers Sage connectors for a wide range of eCommerce, freight and POS platforms to help you create a comprehensive, secure and fully customisable integration for your business rules and customer needs.

What we Integrate

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Take a look at some of the advanced integration and features we offer for our Sage 200 Evolution clients. Our integrations can be completely customised and personalised to your needs and wants, with unlimited, on-call support.

Easy Product Management

Our data pipeline will periodically send Sage 200 product data to your online store, so you only ever need to worry about updating data through the ERP!

Simple Order Syncing

We’ll automatically pull new customer orders and copy them into Sage 200, just as soon as they’re created.

Automatic Invoicing

MyIntegrator can generate, print, send and reconcile your invoices automatically, including remote payment functionality.

Integrated Multi-Warehouse Inventory

Easily manage multi-location inventories for your Sage products with our hands-off stock sync that looks up all warehouses automatically.

Push Price Policies

Replicate Sage200 pricing rules in an eCommerce store for wholesale selling, customer-based pricing, B2C/B2B dual channel shops and more.

One Location For All Your Customers

Synchronise your customer accounts between Sage 200 and your websites, so that new signups are imported into Sage and new site accounts are created for existing Sage customers.

Connect your Freight Service

Connect your shipping provider with Sage 200 and/or an eCommerce storefront to fetch live rates, generate quotes and produce consignments automatically.

Pull in Quotes

We can sync and process new quotes into Sage 200 as soon as customers make them.

  • Products
  • Customers
  • Inventory
  • Pricing
  • Order
  • Invoices
  • Stock Updates
  • Shipping

Everything you Need

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We can quickly set up a two-way connection between Sage 200 and your platform, and then build in your desired data workflows, personalised to your liking. All our integration services come with guaranteed, quick-response support.

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