Worlds of Integration for WooCommerce

Build a modern, fully integrated WooCommerce store with product data synced directly from your ERP, including stock levels, variants and attachments. Automatically import orders, payments and invoices into your accounting platform. 

What We Integrate

Limitless Possibilities

We’ll integrate Products, Orders, Customers, Inventories, Documents and more! MyIntegrator can completely unify your accounting system with WooCommerce, or separately connect individual data-streams. Our cloud-based platform can be customised to your liking.

Automatically Create Products

Our integration can scan all of the products in your ERP and automatically import them into WooCommerce, including complex pricing rules, multi-location inventory and attached documents.

Instantly sync orders

WooCommerce orders can instantly be imported to your accounting platform along with their payments, shipping consignments, attachments and other details.

Consistent Inventory Updates

MyIntegrator will create a data pipeline to automatically sync stock updates between your ERP and WooCommerce, including multi-location and wholesale inventories!

Add Advanced Shipping

Enhance your WooCommerce with live freight rates, rules-based shipping and integrated tracking codes direct from carriers.

Multi-Channel made Easy

Integrate and coordinate your selling between physical locations, online marketplaces and your WooCommerce store, to keep stocktake consistent and easy.

Connect Customer Accounts

Automatically create and update customer accounts, to keep their data consistent across your accounting software, freight manager and WooCommerce store.

Integrated Invoices

Automate invoice processing between WooCommerce and your ERP, email invoices to customers and attach them to WooCommerce orders.

Customer-based features

Set up fully integrated customer-based pricing, shipping, products and more to empower complex B2B and wholesale selling.

Regional Selling

Make cross-region and international selling easy by automating away the hassle of coordinating regional differences like tax rules, inventory locations or selling requirements.

  • Products
  • Stock
  • Customers
  • Files
  • Orders
  • Shipments
  • New Customers
  • Invoices

make life easy

How we simplify WooCommerce

MyIntegrator will automate out the painful procedures and menial business tasks of WooCommerce accounting and make your business faster, more secure and much easier! Free up management time and make growth pain-free as our integration scales with business volume.

Frequently asked questions

Integrating WooCommerce

Do I need a specific version of WooCommerce?

Not at all! We’ve integrated WooCommerce stores of all versions, including custom versions!

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